What if they closed Social Media today?

A small disclaimer before I start. This is a hypothetical scenario I'm quoting here! Please don't take everything 100% serious!

Have you ever thought about this scenario? What if there would be no more social media platform around. No Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest or Twitter. All gone within a couple of minutes.

One thing would funny for sure. A lot of these digital marketing gurus put there, would be super scared and don't know what to do! Most of them count heavily on these platforms. Especially Facebook and their Ads Market would be a massive lost for most of them.

But for the majority of us, this split or deletion would be a pleasant surprise. As you might know – expect if you were born after 2005 you would have no idea about it – there was a time before, when you would actually meet up in person. There was no WhatsApp or DM to reach someone.

This article shouldn't be a retrospective of life before social media. It's a What If scenario! One which could very much come true, as President Donald Trump is threatening Twitter and Facebook at the very moment I draft this article.

I believe – once everyone realised that they can't check Instagram anymore – most people would immediately be looking for an outlet. Social media is such a part of our everyday life, people would need to find a distraction fast! My bet would be on libraries, book shops and meet-ups. Most of us would start to read again and therefore find a filler for the big social media hole. For the younger audience reading this article, you would find an alternative too. Maybe you would finally start picking up a book! From a private aspect, we would know what to do within a couple of days.

But if you take a closer look at this from a business standpoint, you will start biting your nails. Let's analyse a few specific fields of operations:

Marketing and Sales:

This is the one department a tone of business would suffer from. So companies use social media as a powerful communication tool. Not only to interact with their audience or community, but to also feature new products or releases within seconds.

If you add the whole advertising aspect into the mix as well, you would end up seeing a lot of missed ad space. I would even go as far and say, that the regular paper, magazine and TV ad would take over again. Meaning only the richest or biggest companies would afford to advertise again.

However the most brutal place businesses would miss out, is in their sales department. Not only would sales reps loose the possibility to double check their leads, they would also have to get back to annoying sales methods, like cold calling over the phone. Most importantly, they would loos the ability to close deals fast. As they would rely on regular communication systems again.

HR and Recruiting:

For these departments this situation could be very dangerous. Not that they would not be able to their job anymore. Recruiting was very active before the emerge of social media, but there is one platform a tone of them use: LinkedIn! Heck, they even set out pricing plans for HR and Recruiters.

The standard workflow for recruiters these days is to look for the profiles of candidates and save their profiles for further questioning. If they would get rid of this essential tool, I believe most of the recruiting would take longer and therefore more projects in the end could be postponed.

Especially if there is a big hiring spree in a cooperate environment. These delays could end up costing big companies more in the long run...

For now, these departments would be the one suffering the most from the direct loos of social media outreach. However, I believe that a lot of work colleagues would suffer as well. As most of the after hour gatherings or lunch events are planned with Messenger or WhatsApp Chats.

However, I believe the most interesting question we can throw out there is, if the companies associated with these giants would be taken down as well? In theory Instagram, WhatsApp, Oculus and Vine could be bought back, if they have enough money. That however is proper guess work, as we have no idea what the legal arrangements are with said companies.

All in all, life would be less hectic. We would stop compare us and actually focus on proper relationships again. A lot of cyberbullying would stop and teenagers as a whole would stop being so fake. On the other hand, the business world could suffer immensely and would be taken back a couple of decades again. I'm not saying that it wouldn't work, but a lot of industries would have to adapt again.

Let's see what the future holds. I just saw the announcement of President Trump. Maybe he already pushed the law into action. Time to catch up and see what will follow in the next couple of hours. I will definitely write a follow up for this article!