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Daniel Ek, the CEO of Spotify, said it best!⁣ The shift of the content world changes. We are used to consuming our content with our eyes. Sometimes even overload them with too much! ⁣We sit in front of our phones and consume every possible second of our favourite YouTuber.

However, what many people realised throughout the past 5 years is, that people spend up to 3 hours a day listening to music or podcasts! ⁣Not only that! We even see things like Google Home, Alexa or Siri taking over our Life. People are getting lazier and Voice starts dominating the world! ⁣I mean can you imagine ordering your food via Alexa? Actually, in the mids of Corona Craziness, this might be the best thing to do!

Audio is the future RIGHT NOW! 

Let alone in 2019 there were more than 800’000 podcasts launched per week! The marketplace is currently striving. Not because you have so many shows are popping up, but also because for most of these shows, you’ll find an audience as well! As I said above, 3 hours a day are already being consumed on all major podcast platforms!

So if you’re still thinking about audio and how you can utilise it for your projects, I have one more golden nugget: It’s easy to purposely reuse everywhere! Imagine  this. You record a video interview between a guest and yourself. The video will be posted to all your channels.

But is that it? Isn’t there more you could do? Because now you know how many people are out there who listen to audio only! Get snippets of that conversation, chop it up and distribute it online. Then make sure to backlink all of them to your newly founded podcast and voila! You have just combined your audio and video audience.

With the future looking so bright for audio (I would guess that we can speak about an overconsumption, when everyone will consume more than 10 hours a day) it’s the best moment to jump on ship now and tell you audience about your experiences!