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Today is an exciting day! I get to review one of my favourite tools for content creation. is the software I want to show you today! Spoiler ahead, I’m super biased and therefore will recommend it to you, no matter what!

Let’s start what actually is. It doesn’t matter in which niche you are in. Technology, Social Media Growth or Ballet. I’m sure you have seen these super addictive 59 seconds clips, where you’ll see a massive header above a video of someone speaking. Underneath them are subtitles and a progress bar.

Gary Vaynerchuk is one of the characters who uses this kind of content a tone! Therefore a lot of people want to create this kind of content and ride on the trend wave. However, when you try to look for tools who do this, you’ll end up finding a tone of different options. Either you find translation tools like Who are great for one time jobs, but really bad for multiple content pieces. Or you’ll end up finding some Russian Service which looks super suspicious. Either way, these tools are great but you’re always waiting for someone who has to get the job done. isn’t one of these tools. It’s a super simple but effective tool to create multiple content pieces in one go! The browser based video editor gives you different tools to create high quality content. For example, do you want to create a GIF in 50 Seconds? Easy! Simply upload the video and choose the GIF Function to create it. Once you’re done and ready to export the file, simply render it, then download or send a link with the video to your clients. Which I use a tone within our team! If anyone from Veed is reading this, please create a Slack Bot where you can easily share it :-)

That GIF Feature is just one of the many features they offer. The best feature, in my opinion, is their automatic subtitles function. Which I have used a tone! It’s incredible how fast it works. Sure, I sometimes have to edit some words, but that’s totally worth it to me! Oh and have I mentioned, that you can choose multiple languages to translate your videos! Which is awesome for people like me who creates content in different languages.

Next to that you can obviously download the subtitle files, upload your video to different files sizes (Most of the major Social Media sizes are already saved and ready for you to use!) and you can add as much emojis as you want!

The main reason why I choose to go with Veed wasn’t only their feature set, but the story behind their company as well! Sabba and Tim, the co-founders, are the faces behind the company. They don’t shy away to help you with anything! Do you want to know how you can add something to the editor? They’re there for you! Just send them a message. Do you want to find new hacks and ideas to create new content? Simply follow them on Instagram.

However the biggest reason, why I write this piece today is their story and background to why they founded the company. I recommend to read their Blog. It has so many golden nuggets for you. Especially if you want to create a SaaS Business. They are super transparent with their past marketing actions and how they ended up where they are right now! From their applications to YC to their monthly grow rate. You’ll find everything you need to know!

Finally, there isn’t more to say. Veed is an awesome company, with an awesome product which only costs 200$ a year. Far too cheap for what you get in my opinion! I would easily pay north of 400$ a year!

I encourage you to go over to and sign up! You definitely won’t regret it!