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You talk too much about the fundamentals on Social Media! Sure, they are important, but are they really necessary?

This was a DM I got after posting a longer article on my LinkedIn Profile. Which at the moment was a big surprise for me. I always thought that this topic is clear! I was always under the impression, that people knew how important these fundamentals are!

Luckily for you, there are still some people out there who don’t think so. Which is great, as I can write an article for you. So buckle in, I’ll show you some examples today, why this issue is so important!

This is why the Fundamentals are so important! 

First off, like I said in the video I want to compare Social Media to Basketball. Because I find it the best metaphor to compare how powerful your social media presence can become!

Let’s take LeBron James as an example. He is world famous and know to be a very hard worker. From his preparation in the gym to his after hours on the court. And guess what, he practices the fundamentals! From the Free Throw to the simple jump shot within the 2 point line.

Whatever he plans to do in a game, he already practiced at least 1000 times. Which is interesting to analyse. On the one hand he knows that repetition will get the job and mechanisms done. But he also knows that he needs to nail these simple jump shots or steps to perform at the highest level!

If he wouldn’t work off these fundamentals, he would never have the courage and security to take the last shot in a game! And this is the same on Social Media. OK, you might not have to work 10 hours a day on your jump shot, but you can get started with simple things.

Filling out your LinkedIn Profile for example is a very important first step to get out there! Having all the right links there, filling your entire Instagram description with Hashtags to give you maximus exposure or simply uploading a good looking profile picture can have a huge impact on your social media game! Once these simple things are done, stick to what you already know! Respond to comments, start the interaction with your follower and be active on all platforms. Not just on one!

Because once you stick to these fundamentals and you don’t do anything wrong with these simple but effective steps, you can move forward and try different strategies. Some might be more out there than others and if they don’t work, just sit back and start at your baseline again!

I hope I could bring you the importance of Fundamentals on Social Media a bit closer. Let me know what you think and how your experience with them has been in the past! Simply Tweet at me or write me a DM!