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Today is the day to finally get up setup for posting on your laptop!

I see way to many people who struggle to be active on Instagram. Not because they have a problem with the algorithm or don’t understand the platform in general. It is because they have to do everything on their smartphone. And let’s face it, copy and pasting hashtags or clips is super hard to do on your phone.

Therefore you have some choices. Either book a service like Buffer, Later or Sprout Social. If that is not your thing and you want to natively post on Instagram directly, is today the day where you’ll find a new solution!

The only things you need for this to work are:

  • An Apple Laptop (Either one works fine)
  • Access to the Safari Browser
  • Mac OS 10.12 or higher

Once you have all of these things, you can sit down and do the following steps:

Log into Instagram in your Safari Browser.

1.) Make sure to open Safari and login to your Instagram account. Once you are logged in get ready for the next step.

Go to the Develop Menu 

2.) Up in your menu bar, go into the Develop Menu. Sometimes you can also find this under the General Tab in the menu bar and then enable it. However it has been on my default for a while now.

Change you User Agent to iPhone

3.) Click into the menu and make sure to select the correct User Agent. This is a simple change in your browser, which gives it the new look and feel of an iPhone. Meaning you can now also answer to DM’s and interact like you do on your mobile.

Voila! Have fun posting from your Mac!

4.) Hit that plus in the middle, post your posts and have fun interacting on Instagram through your desktop!

This of course is a very simple hack to get started with posting on Instagram naively through you desktop. However there are a few things you should know as well.

  • Make sure to always convert your images into JPEG.
  • Unfortunately only images can be posted.
  • There is only the possibility to post one image at a time.

If you wish to autopost and schedule content, you can always use Facebook’s Creator Studio. Which I will cover in the next hack! So make sure to comeback for that one.

Up until then I wish you good luck with your future Instagram posts!