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I believe that in 2020 every company should turn their marketing actions into a content machine! I would even go as far and say, that they should turn more into Media Companies. Why?

Not because of Content is King or some bullshit. NO! AS some of you know, I like companies and brands who tell stories through their products and Social Media as well. But this is not the only reason, why I love Content Only Companies. I also love them, because each new content piece is a possibility to interact with your audience. Every single content is a chance to learn and adapt!

Either getting more feedback in, interacting with new leads or simply saying thank you! Which I'm super surprised so many brands still don't do!

However we live in a society, in which every shiny object is a magnet. Everyone wants to have one. That can be a new iPhone, Laptop or the latest Sneaker. On Social Media, we got so used to see new content every 5 second, that we want to be entertained. Mostly we tend to not look at the details, as long as the overall feeling and message is alright.

Therefore, things like the look of the feed, how that font feels when you see it the first time and what title you put on your LinkedIn Profile don’t matter. The only person which really concentrates on all these things is you! You’re your biggest critic!

So, stop doing that and start creating the content your audience really wants! After all they are the one who decide the kind of content you produce! This was also the reason, why I created the video below. Make sure to see everything and let me know if you think otherwise.

Time to create! Get going RIGHT NOW!