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“Most people on Social Media guess we Creators have it figured out. That we just sit down, figure out how to create something and it goes viral instantly. At least this is what people think we do everyday.”

This was a statement Casey Neistat said at a conference once. Which I think this is the best description. Most people ask me the exact same question. Can you make this go viral? How do I make it go viral? Is Facebook still in?

So to clear things, I wanted to write this post. Because I know in fact, how hard it is to go viral with content. I believe there a few people on this planet who mastered this skill. But that would be a topic for another issue.

My take on it! 

Firstly, you have to realise that the modern society is living different than what we used to. Back in the days, if you created content to go on TV or Radio, you were the center of attention. There was no dialog with you audience, as they didn’t have the option to comment or react. The only way to get in touch with them was a phone number or a link to a website.

This looks totally different today. We live in a society where we are so used to consume content on a daily basis, that people don’t interact with this old form content anymore. Meaning if you produce content today, watch out to create content which is easy to interact with and gives back!

Which is the premise of my article today. Brands these days still think the old way. Meaning they have content out there, mostly very nicely done, but they are missing the important things. They still put one-sided content out there. And to be honest, if you consume so much content on a minute per minute basis, would you actually look at a content pice where you can’t interact, they want to hard sell you something and you feel like you’re not worth something. Of course not!

So to sum up, create content to give back to your audience. Content which interacts with your audience and most importantly be open to ask for feedback!