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Most companies or brands tend to use Social Media because it's trendy or because their competitor is doing it. Not because they actually need it! ⁣Which for me personally is very disappointing. Today I want to dig into why this is the case and show you how I go on about solving this problem with new or potential clients.

Like I said, companies and brands these days join Social Media because everyone is doing it. The most common answer is that they do it because of their competition. They see their biggest opponent and want to beat them. If they could, they want to be an influencer in their industry tomorrow!

And this is the issue! These companies or brands want the short term success on Social Media and think that a Social Media Manager can make their content go viral. Which is incredibly hard to do! I had some client projects which went viral, but there was more than 6 months work leading up to that! So even on Social Media, there is no over night success!

Now we get into the main problem. These institutions decide to go in on Social Media. They want to get in short term success. However, most of them don’t find it necessary to hire a professional to get the job done. Because if they calculate what she or he cost, it just doesn’t seem likely for the work they do. After all the just sit in front of the laptop and post funny pictures!

So what to they do? They either give the job to an intern, who leaves in 6 months anyway, and pressure him to succeed. Or they give it to a kid of one of the leadership people. Because they know how to use Instagram. Which is a ridiculous thing to say!

I don’t want to harass any company over here, so therefore I want to give you my 2 Cents and how I believe companies or brands can move forward with Social Media:

My take on this topic...

So to help you right now with your Social Media Game, here are my 3 golden tips to get started the right way:

1.) Treat Social Media as a 5 Year Goal⁣

It doesn’t matter if you are a bank or a startup in San Francisco. Try to ignore the short term success bullshit you see on Social Media these days. I would even go as far and say to treat it as a new business plan.

Once you have determined the timeframe, the next step is to calm the fuck down! So many people get excited about being on Social Media and therefore try to get too much done immediately.

Because once you have time to think and look at your Social Media Channels, you’ll realise that not every institutions is ideal to be on TikTok or Instagram. Some of them are great for Facebook, some are not. The right platform has to be chosen!

Once the right platform is chosen, you can move forward and set out at 5 year strategy. Because this is the most essential part of your new life online! You have to decide what kind of goals and milestones you want to achieve! By the time this is done, you’ll end up with a. Clear plan to tackle your new followers!

2.) Create as much Content as possible⁣

By now you know on which platforms you want to be and when you have to achieve certain goals. Which is the most important step! You have to know where you’re audience is and how to interact with them! The second step in your new Social Media Life will be a creative one.

You can step out and create as much Content as possible. Not because you want to be the best online or be the one with the most Instagram Stories. No! People these days are used to consume. Not to buy, to CONSUME! We have become addicted to our News Feeds and Algorithms. From Facebook to Instagram. It doesn’t matter where you’re on, people want to see new content.

This is the best time for you to be online. Now you have the power of telling your brands values online, engaging with potential clients and give a new perspective into your company. The most interesting thing about this is, that 80% of all people on Social Media buy from the brands they follow!

3.) Interact and be responsive with your audience⁣

Once you have accomplished step 1 and 2 you’ll end up forming a small tribe online. The beauty about Human Psychology is, that we are interactive. If we like something we want to know more about it! We want to get close to it and touch it.

Therefore most of your followers, who will turn into fans, have question about your product or company as well! And this is why you need to do ABC. Always Be Closing! (I hope you get the Alec Baldwin reference here)

If someone asks you something in the comments, interact! If there is an open DM and they ask where they can find that 10% sale, answer! If they just want to say hi and tell you how much they love your brand, get your fucking CEO in front of a camera and INTERACT!

The more responsive and interactive you are with your audience the more they will trust you! And this is what you want to get out of Social Media! You want trust and commitment with your audience!

These are my 3 steps I believe are mandatory to commit to Social Media these days. If you decide to commit and play the long game, you'll end up doing it the right way and will find a tribe which will stick with you till the end!

Let me know what you think!