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What's up? 

Who am I and why I run this blog:

Hi there 👋🏼

It's so cool to have you here. I know that today, people tend to read fewer blogs and engage less on these old school platforms. Funnily enough, these blogs and especially RSS readers are the places, where I first interacted with the internet.

Silly me, I already speak in singular, but don’t introduce myself. My name is Joël Kai Lenz. I’m 24 years old and throughout my day, I work as a Social Media Manager. Which is great, as I communicate to people in GIF’s and I have the privilege to be on Twitter or other platforms all the time!

But this page is not here to tell you how awesome my day to day life is or what I do in particular. It is here to give you an insight into why I opened a blog in 2020, what my goals are and how you can benefit from it!

The backstory of choosing the right platform:

For those of you who know me personally you know what I already tried. For a brief moment I wanted to launch a YouTube channel. However a big project killed all my remaining time and let me to find other solutions.

So I decided to launch a podcast. Which resulted in me publishing 25 episodes. Once again a big project got in between and killed that one as well. But that was not it! I found another solution: I start a weekly newsletter and document my life that way. So I setup an account and created The Social Nerd.

A couple of weeks in and I felt like this was not really the real thing. I was writing about the topics I was most intrigued by, but I also felt, like I had to wait a whole week to get into writing again. Funny enough, my teachers in school always told me that it would be better, if I were not writing. Maybe acting or being in front of the camera was more my thing. Well guess what? I love to write and that’s why after many back and forth scenarios, I decided to launch a blog.

Oh and I really liked what Ghost does with their company and product, so that was one more reason to start as well. So call me crazy, but sometimes I make changes out of curiosity to try new software or products as well.

The research and setup of the Ghost CMS:

Like I said, I choose the blog as a platform because of Ghost as the CMS. For those of you who don’t know, Ghost is modern take on CMS and Publishing. They run on something called Node.js, therefore are a Headless CMS and Open Source. Which is awesome to see!

They have everything setup for your SEO as well. JSON is already setup and you don’t have to think twice how to setup a plugin or anything else. The speed of the whole website is crazy as well! Everything just feels snappy! It mean even brands like Apple, Nasa and Revolut use Ghost. So it must be good.

When you want to stat with Ghost, there a two options. Either you use their Pro Plan, which starts at 36$ a month or you host the CMS on your own. Which costs you anywhere between 6-25$. I decided to do the later, as it is cheaper after all. I went with Digital Ocean, as they have a one-click install setup for you. Even if you don’t want to, you can simply install it with a few commands. They have a great documentation for you as well.

Once I decided what I wanted to do, I immediately installed Ghost on a new Droplet. Which literally takes you 3-5 minutes. Once that was done, I had to configure the template and tags in the backend and boom, I was ready to go!

Getting started and what you can expect:

I just realised that this page is getting way longer than I expected, but this is what you can expect in the near future on this blog. For once, I will post tips and tricks as well as guides for all you social media platforms. So if you ever feel stuck, make sure to check the posts for guidance.

Next to those guides, I also love to read and see movies. Those reviews will be up on the blog as well. Oh and as I’m a massive nerd as well, I will cover my favourite software and technology as well.

So if you have any questions or want to chat, head over to the Contact page and send me an email. Or a simple DM on Twitter will do the trick.

See you soon!