Hey there!

It's so cool to have you here. These days especially, more and more people don't read blogs anymore. People forget how the earlier internet used to be. Just black and white without any ads!

But where are my manners?! (Sorry Nonna, usually I introduce myself first!) My name is Joël Kai Lenz and I'm the writer behind this blog. I used to work as a social media manager for the past 8 years. That's until I suddenly realised that I was part of a bigger problem in our society.

Even though it was never my intention, I began manipulating people on social media. Not by tricking them into buying new things. Thank god NO! I was actually showing off a lifestyle I personally would never ever live. I was helping brands form a reality which doesn't exist.

As you might imagine, I felt very guilty. It didn't feel like I was supporting communities with their needs. It felt like I was responsible for seeing people getting addicted to coachings, beauty products or an overpriced fashion brand. Whatever I was doing, didn't have any meaning behind it.

So I decided to do something about that! Ever since I was little, I wanted to be a columnist. Writing about technology and how life with a robot would be. I was 14 and robots were the real thing back then!

But some of my teachers thought that this was not realistic. Not because of my skill or anything, but because no one would read that! To be fair, I grew up in Switzerland and the tech scene wasn't that big in 2010. So they were probably right!

Whenever I was in doubt with my work as a social media manager, I used to think about my time in school and how I wanted to write as my profession. And this is when it came to me! Why don't you start publishing your own column! Or blog in this case.

This is what Social&Savage is. I'll cover my opinions and findings of the world. I was raised in a very open household. My parents and grandparent taught me how important it is to have an opinion but to also cherish others and their views. Democracy and what it actually is was one of the many topics we used to discuss at dinner.

This curiosity also made it into this blog as I will regularly compare democracy to social media and technology. Ever since the whole espionage drama was released, I have been cautious. Firstly you never know which side mainstream media is on and secondly, you don't know what people do with your data. This is also why I decided to host this blog on Write.as. They're a great resource and produce a wonderful product!

So if you want to be part of the discussion, make sure to either add the RSS Feed to your reader of choice or connect with me on LinkedIn.

I'm happy to hear from you!