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As you know, I was born in 1996. Meaning that I just barely made the Gen Z cut. And to me it seems like we are the favourite generation to talk about. Especially in a Marketing context, so many guides, articles and gurus explain to everyone out there how we are going to shape the near future!

Because I work in that field and I see so many ‘Gurus’ talking about it, I thought I would take a closer look and analyse what the fuzz is all about. And spoiler ahead: I was shocked by the lack of research a tone of brands and companies just don’t do! Filled with anger, mostly anger about being lazy as fuck, I decided to sit down and record a video.

Below you’ll find that video where I go on a rant and explain to the audience why it can be fatal to only focus on one demographic!

My take on the whole thing...

What is the problem for such brands?

As you can see from the video. There are some ‘Experts’ out there who categorise each demographic into one and tell brands to either abandon ship or fully commit. Which sounds awesome in theory. Because we all know how important it is to niche down very specifically. Or is it?

Like I said above. There are so many brands and companies out there who totally forget about one demographic. Generation Y to be exact! In the back of there heads, these people are still broke. They don’t have important connections and they decided to spend most of their time sitting around Starbucks on Daddy’s dime.

That might have been a reality once. 20 years ago that might have been true. However, these days this Generation Y is anywhere between 26 and 40 years old!  Meaning that this is the playground for most companies out there! This is the demographic which currently brings in most cash into any industry!

How to solve the problem at hand!

So now that we know how underrated this demographic is and how overhyped my generation is, let’s see how we can solve the problem.

Firstly I think we seriously need to calm the Gen Z Future Shit! I read so many bad examples where ‘Gurus’ tell their clients how they should adapt their workplace to our needs.

I strongly disagree! My generation is used to gather instant gratification. It doesn’t matter if that’s on Amazon with instant shipping or on Netflix. 2020 should be the year where Gen Z adapts itself to the world!

So how do we actually do this? Well, don’t look any further than Gen Y! They are most likely the group in charge! They are the one who are ready to guide us and find solutions that work for both of us.

This way around my generation is getting used to actually listen, shut up and work for your success. And Gen Y can actually take over the responsibility so many brands or companies don’t let them too! By the way if a Gen Y reads this, I wanted to say thank you and sorry at the same time. Thanks for helping us young guns out and sorry for having to be the generation which has to pick up more slack and educate us...

If we can pull this off, we end up with a balanced world. Until we see a new generation coming along. That one will then be the new kid on the block and my generation can pick up the torch!